Physician Training Videos

For Basic and Advanced Dermal Filler Injection Techniques

Liquid Facelift

Some people want maximum improvement of their faces without surgery. These can be combined with Botox® for more improvement. For this area inject lateral to the malar eminence and follow the zygomatic arch.

Liquid Rhinoplasty

Patients wanting augmentation to their noses, especially their nasal bridges or tip will benefit from these injections as well as secondary Rhinoplasty deformities. This is best done with a 30 gauge 1-inch needle. Inject parallel to the dorsum in a consistent stream of filler on withdrawal of the needle. This can also allow better definition of the tip; this can be molded manually to enhance the final appearance.


The patient that is not ready for a facelift, but wants improvement in the jowls, sometimes you can fill in a contour deformity in the medial aspect of the jowl. Inject straight down to the periosteum ensuring a smooth contour that can strengthen the jawline.

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