Rediscover yourself as you were meant to be.

Sounds silly, right? Some weird pitch that a Matthew McConaughey character might say in his latest movie. But what if you could? What would that include? A change in your physical appearance? Or how about a change in your health? What does your ideal self mean to you?

Personally, I’ve got a laundry list of issues, from the superficial (seriously, why do my boobs seem so deflated?), to the more serious concern, my chronic back pain. I’m also lousy at applying makeup; I tend to look like Cruella DeVille. Then I found a place; as in, “I’ve got a guy”. The Fountain of Youth Institute in Palm Harbor, FL. Its a plastic surgery center but hidden in plain sight is also a regenerative medicine company (actually, it’s a biotech company, which takes it to a whole other level). And connecting these two? Image consultants. Not even joking. You go in, figure out your new look and then they can work with you on how to rock your new found confidence.

This blog is about the journey to discovering the Fountain of Youth. The real one. The one right here in my own backyard. The founder, Dr. C. Randall Harrell, was, by all accounts, a very inquisitive child who grew into a very inquisitive young man with a passion for asking all the “how” and “why” questions that inevitably turn into a career in medicine. But not just any medicine. He wanted to help people with a true “whole body” approach – helping them achieve that exterior appearance that seems so out of reach as well as healing the body to be able to enjoy life as you were meant. His work in the field of both plastic surgery and regenerative medicine puts him at the forefront of his field. Twenty-five years ago, he created the Fountain of Youth Institute, and it is here that one can achieve their new body, whether its breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, a face life, or a combination of things.

But what makes the Fountain of Youth Institute unique, is that Dr. Harrell and his staff don’t want you to simply order your new look, they want you to understand and actually see how you’ll look before ever setting foot into the operating room by having a trained image consultant provide you with an image of the changes and how those changes will look on you. But why stop there? I mean, if you’re going to get new boobs, then why not take on an entirely fresh new look. You can have your hair done into a new style, set up a treatment plan for tackling those troubling skin issues that tend to age us, and even learn what makeup and colors look best on you. This is all performed by our consultant to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. If anyone is going to convince me to give up my Plain Jane appearance, I think I’m going to pick someone who has been successful working with award winning actresses, singers, and even politicians!

Now that you look like a star, let’s address those health issues that keep you from actually running with the big dogs. Dr. Harrell has created first in class regenerative treatments that tackle COPD, asthma, dry eyes, and chronic pain, to name a few. These treatments have been shown to allow patients to breathe easier, walk with confidence, and enjoy watching the sunset. His biotech company processes cutting edge treatments that are designed to not only ease discomfort and pain, but to actually treat and heal the causes of the pain.

Sounds crazy and a little over the top, huh? But it’s real. And it’s here in the Tampa Bay area. You walk in with wrinkles, sagging breasts, chronic pain in your back, and yesterday’s hair; when you’re done, you leave refreshed, healthy, and looking like a million bucks. This isn’t an ad, this is a fact. And I can’t wait to post more about Dr. Harrell and his amazing team of professionals at the Fountain of Youth Institute.