The earliest signs of aging typically start in the brow and eye area and gradually spread to the rest of the face. If you are concerned about a furrowed or sagging brow, you may be a good candidate for a brow lift.

According to a review in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, the vast majority of patients who undergo this procedure are highly satisfied with the symmetrical, long-lasting results. The outcome of your brow lift will depend on the extent of the brow sagging and your ultimate beauty goals, but in general, you can expect a smoother forehead and a perkier, uplifted brow.

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What Is a Brow Lift?

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, a brow lift, or forehead lift, aims to remove or reposition excess skin, fat, and muscles on the forehead. This reduces sagging, eliminates deep furrows, and contours the upper half of the face.

There are three main kinds of brow lifts. Depending on your particular goals and the configuration of your brow and forehead, your facelift surgeon might recommend:

     An endoscopic brow lift;

     A temporal or limited incision brow lift; or

     A classic or coronal brow lift.

An endoscopic brow lift is the least invasive of the three. During this procedure, your surgeon will make several tiny incisions behind the hairline in order to reposition the tissues and muscles of the forehead. Your surgeon will also remove any excess tissue or fat that is contributing to the sagging.

A cosmetic surgeon typically performs a temporal or limited incision brow lift alongside an eyelid surgery. During this procedure, your surgeon will make incisions above each temple just behind the hairline in order to reposition the tissues that make up the outer brow area. Then, during the eyelid procedure, your doctor will lift the tissue between the eyebrows to smooth out any sagging and frown lines on the forehead.

The classic or coronal brow lift is no longer popular because it requires one long incision that runs from ear to ear behind the hairline. Thanks to advancements in facelift technology, your surgeon only needs to make a few minor incisions to smooth your forehead and lift your brow.

How Long Is the Recovery Period for a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is an outpatient procedure, and although it might cause some discomfort, recovery is relatively mild compared to more invasive surgeries. You can expect to leave the surgery center with sutures or staples at the site of the incisions, and your doctor will want to see you about one week later to remove them. Most swelling and bruising will subside entirely within two weeks of the procedure.

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