The purpose of breast enhancement surgery is in the procedure’s very name. Ultimately, it was designed to enhance a woman’s natural breasts. But what if you want to change both the size and the shape of your chest?

Natural breasts have a slope to them, and experienced cosmetic surgeons know how to mimic this shape when performing a breast augmentation to ensure a totally inconspicuous implant. Many women do not necessarily want to enhance their natural breasts, though; rather, they want to change the shape entirely.

When Dr. C. Randall Harrell, M.D. of Fountain of Youth Plastic Surgery realized his patients wanted top shelf breasts in Palm Harbor, he devised a surgical approach to produce this desired look, which is a chest that is more rounded at the top. Whereas even large natural breasts can disappear in low-cut tops because of their slope, top shelf breasts protrude above necklines, producing a fuller, curvier look.

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When Did Top Shelf Breasts Become Popular?

According to The Guardian, doctors performed the first breast enlargement using silicone implants in 1962. It did not take long for this cosmetic surgery to catch on, and it has been popular ever since. In fact, CNN reports that breast augmentation was the most popular surgical cosmetic procedure in 2016.

A large chest has always been a sign of femininity, and top shelf breasts have been the coveted look since the early days of the push-up bra, which was introduced in 1948. Until recent advancements in cosmetic surgery, though, women had to resort to uncomfortable bras that constricted breathing if they wanted to create the illusion of top shelf breasts.

Do Top Shelf Breasts Look Natural?

Top shelf breasts may not mimic the shape of natural breasts, but that does not necessarily mean they look unnatural on a woman’s body. With the right size implant, breasts that are rounded at the top will only serve to complement your figure.

In fact, for many women, top shelf implants simply restore the bounce and perkiness that were present before pregnancy, nursing, and aging took a toll on the body. If you hate looking at yourself in a bathing suit because your breasts have started to sag, this procedure could restore your confidence once and for all.

Do Certain Kinds of Clothing Look Bad with Top Shelf Breasts?

If you have a deflated or sagging chest, you probably stay away from low-cut shirts and strapless dresses. When you have top shelf breasts, though, everything looks good on you.

If you are tired of self-imposed wardrobe limitations because you lack the confidence to wear all kinds of apparel, turn to Dr. Harrell at Fountain of Youth Plastic Surgery. Dr. Harrell trained with the inventor of the breast implant, as well as with Dr. Michael DeBakey, the inventor of the artificial heart. Call 800-781-0818 to schedule a free surgical consultation to discuss breast implants in Palm Harbor.