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Fountain of Youth® HDE is one of many platform technology high grade medical products developed by Regenerative Medicine International,Inc.(RMI) indicated for facial aesthetics and regenerative medicine applications.  A highly-purified, topical and natural human collagen extracted from fully screened human placentas using a proven and proprietary manufacturing process, Fountain of Youth® HDE is composed of  Type I and Type III collagen and over 200 Human Growth Factors.  Type III collagen, found in youthful skin, has been shown to induce tissue in-growth, improve spatial organization, and promote tissue repair and neo-vessel formation.  Additionally, Type III collagen is naturally cross-linked and longer lasting than competing synthetic or animal-derived products.  Histological observations revealed that the Type I and Type III  human collagen persisted for at least a year when used as an injectable dermal filler, and stimulated autologous collagen and adipocyte in- growth.  Fountain of Youth® HDE will be launched initially as an Anti-Aging Topical Cosmeceutical to treat aging faces that have problems with wrinkles, pores, texture, sun damage, laxity and pigmentation problems. Price: $195.00