Latisse Eyelash Enhancement

LATISSE® Eyelash Enhancement: Are you lacking lashes? Try Latisse! LATISSE® is an FDA-approved solution that helps people with sparse eyelashes to grow their own eyelashes. LATISSE® makes lashes longer, darker, and more voluminous. Get the stunning lashes that you have always wanted with LATISSE ®.

LATISSE® is a FDA approved prescription treatment to grow eyelashes. LATISSE® is indicated for hypotrichosis, which is when people don’t have enough eyelashes. Apply the LATISSE® solution to the lash line every night, after your wash your face, but before you go to bed. Make sure your make up and contacts have been removed, before you apply. Wait 12 to 16 weeks to see results.

Are You a Candidate for LATISSE® Eyelash Enhancement?

Typically, patients over 18 years of age who would like to have longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes are good candidates for this treatment. Because LATISSE® is a prescription Dr. Harrell will need to see you to make sure you are a good candidate. Just contact us to make an appointment today.