Breast Augmentation and Implants in Tampa Bay

Information on Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation is the #1 performed Plastic Surgery procedure in the United States and has been for many years. When choosing a surgeon for, Breast Augmentation in Tampa, you want to make sure he or she is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  C. Randall Harrell MD is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who trained with the Doctor who invented the breast implant and has been doing Breast Augmentation in Tampa Florida area for over 25 years.

One of the most important factors that sets Dr. Harrell apart from other surgeons is his ability to give the patient the look she desires.  He is able to create the “Top Shelf” look which is so popular right now.  It is where the top part of the breasts are rounded and project out to fill the top part of the chest with a lot of cleavage.  He can also do more of a semi-Top-Shelf looking breast which is not as projected, or he can give you a totally natural look to your breasts more of a U shape with fullness at the bottom. You can also decide how much you want them to project on the side.  You decide what look you want. Dr Harrell does beautiful breasts and it is our most common procedure. You will love the way he performs Breast Augmentation surgery.

Consultations are Very Informative

When you come in for a consultation you will meet Dr. Harrell and his staff. You will be asked questions like the following:

  • How long have you been considering breast augmentation surgery?
  • What made you decide to have something done now?
  • What have you heard about Breast Augmentation in Tampa, or in Florida?
  • Do you have any special events upcoming that you wanted to have the surgery done before?
  • Answering these questions will help Dr. Harrell and his staff give you the best options.

Imagine How You Want Your Breasts to Look

One of the many reasons women choose to have surgery is, they imagine how they will look both in a bra and out of a bra.  In addition, Breast Augmentation in Tampa is quite prevalent. Aging, pregnancy, and genetics are all a factor in breast appearance. There are many different types of bras which can manipulate your breasts in many different ways and so the most important thing to consider is what you want them to look like outside of a bra. If you have already chosen your desired outcome and you found a picture that you would love to look like, then we encourage you to bring it in with you to your consultation so that Dr. Harrell can customize your results and make it look as close as possible to your desired outcome.

Another great benefit to choosing Dr. Harrell and the Fountain of Youth Institute is that, Dr. Harrell’s office offers complimentary consultation and breast visualization. Breast Augmentation in Tampa is commonly performed by our local Plastic Surgeons, and Digital Visualization helps the doctor achieve the outcome you desire. Digital Visualization is where, we take a picture of you and modify the image on the computer screen to simulate the after results. The result can be changed in different ways based on your request until we achieve your desired outcome. Digital Visualization is really a way for you and Dr. Harrell to communicate about your desired outcome in a photographic way. The photographic description of what you want coupled with your verbal description of what you desire will help Dr. Harrell achieve your desired outcome.  It’s really fun and can give you an idea what Dr. Harrell can do for you.

One of the most important reasons to choose Dr. Harrell to perform your breast augmentation surgery is because he can give you complete options for you to consider.  He does not believe in a “one size fits all”.  You are an individual and Dr. Harrell wants you to achieve your dream of perfect breasts. He has done more than 40,000 consultations in 25 years and he realizes that every woman is different.

Your Breast Implants Will Last a Long Time

People often ask, how long do breast implants last?  The answer is, breast implants are man-made devices and are not meant to last a lifetime however many people maintain the same implants for 20 or 25 years without any problems. Dr. Harrell, only uses FDA approved implants, and there is a warranty to assist in replacing the device in the event of a rupture and the implant manufacturer may cover part of the operating costs in the event of a rupture. The risk of a rupture is very low. Most women get breast implants become a part of their life and become very natural to them.

What if I Change My Mind about My Implant Size, the Day of Surgery?

You can rest assured that you are in good hands! Many women will change their mind the day of surgery about the ultimate Breast Implant size they desire. We keep all different sizes and shapes of Breast Implants in Tampa Florida, to ensure you get the look you desire. In the Tampa area, most residents agree there are various shapes and sizes of Breast Augmentation’s to be found. What is important, is that you achieve the look you want, and that you think is attractive.

Choose Dr. Harrell to Manage Risks Associated Surgery

Rippling is a risk of breast surgery especially on the sides if you are very thin and sometimes the implant can be felt through the skin. Dr. Harrell can try and minimize these situations. Some women ask if they’re allowed to breastfeed after having breast augmentation.  The answer is yes.  You milk ducts are left intact and you should be able to breast feed normally.

Another advantage in choosing Dr. Harrell for your breast augmentation surgery is, he is able to do minimal scarring.  He places the emphasis on having you heal the best you possibly can. He will work with you to choose an incision site which will be the best for your body and which will leave the least amount of scaring.

Because women have an option today, to get saline or silicone implants they often ask what is the difference. Both Saline and Silicone implants have the same exterior silicone bag; however, one implant is filled with saline and the other is filled with a silicone gel. The Silicone gel implant is pre-filled and requires a slightly larger incision.  The Saline implants come empty and are filled up in surgery and make it easier for the doctor to adjust the size to make better breast symmetry.

Dr. Harrell Can Help You Gain More Symmetry to Your Breasts

Most women are surprised when they see their before pictures and notice asymmetries to their breasts. But don’t be alarmed, as nearly 100 percent of women have some sort of asymmetry to their breasts. One of Dr. Harrell’s goals with breast surgery is to improve breast symmetry. The symmetry of the breast is very important as well as the location of the areola and nipples on the breast itself.  Because of his experience, Dr. Harrell will not only make your breasts larger, but make sure they are as symmetrical as possible.

Choosing Dr. Harrell to perform your surgery is a good decision. You will love the way your new breasts look and the confidence and increased self image you can achieve.

Breast Augmentation vs. Boob Job

Where did this word Boob come from in relating to breasts? The word Boob has been used in the early centuries as an insult for being stupid. Even more recent was the use of “the boob tube” referring to televisions mindless dribble.

In fact in 1934 Henry Miller in his book “Tropic of cancer” refers to a woman …”with boobies in hand…”

In an online post by Cristen Conger she states it traces to the latin ‘pupa” or little girl. According to her post “pupa” begat the german word “bubbi” which begat english word “bubby”. Its conceivable that over time “bubby” evolved to “booby” which was shortened to boob.

A long explanation for a term which now describes the human woman’s anatomy and usually in a positive or sexy way.

Breast Implants before and after

One of the most performed surgeries in the U.S. is breast augmentation. All augmentations are not the same. Choosing the right Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can make all the difference as well as save you thousands in revisionary surgery trying to fix what another less qualified surgeon has done. You can view Dr. Harrell’s Before and After gallery for Breast Augmentation by clicking on the image below:

Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

Before considering Breast Augmentation make sure your surgeon has a lot of experience and has done thousands of surgeries. C. Randall Harrell MD has both. Go onto the website and check out the before and after pictures. See how many pictures are there and the results each patient received. Make sure the pictures are the actual surgeons pictures and not some other surgeons pictures. If there are enough pictures because they have been doing it for so long you can usually find a patient that looks somewhat like you and see what result they achieved. Pictures are very helpful, and so is imaging. Once you get to the office you can request our staff images your breasts and you will see exactly what Dr. Harrell can do for you.

Breast Implant costs

The decision to enlarge your breasts is a personal one. Deciding on you surgeon is also just as personal. You want your surgeon understanding what you are trying to achieve with the new look you want. The cost of breast augmentation can vary depending on whether you need a lift or not.

Understanding the costs of breast implantation can help in making your decision. Many surgeons break down the price by the Doctors fee, anesthesia fee and facility fee…many times because these Surgeons do the surgery in a surgery center or Hospital. Dr. Harrell does all his surgeries on site at the AAAASF certified surgical center at the Fountain of Youth institute, so you will receive a global price with everything included.

Typically across the U.S. average prices for Breast Augmentations with Facility fees and anesthesia included can run from $5000.00 to $7500.00.

Where Can I Learn More About Breast Augmentation in Tampa Florida?

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Are You a Candidate for Breast Implants?

Typically, patients over the age of 18 years of age are candidates for breast augmentation surgery and eligibility is determined based upon a physical examination and your health history. If you are over the age of 40, a mammogram is required if a recent one is not available.

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Breast Augmentation Consultation

When you arrive at the Fountain of Youth Institute® , you will be greeted by our expert, warm and caring staff who will answer your preliminary questions. Dr. Harrell will discuss your specific areas of concern and develop a treatment plan that will achieve your desired breast augmentation results safely and at the best value. You will also be able to see before and after photos of actual patients who have had Tampa breast augmentation surgery. Be sure to ask any questions about the breast augmentation procedure, recovery period and to address any concerns you might have.