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Whether you call it tummy tuck, Abdominoplasty or Mommy Makeover, when it’s time to get your tight flat stomach back, choosing the right surgeon is the most important decision you can make.  You want a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with years of experience doing tummy tuck procedures.

  1. Randall Harrell, M.D., is all of that and more! Dr. Harrell worked with the inventor of the breast implant, Dr. Frank Gerow, to develop a “French Line Abdominoplasty.”This is for women who liked to wear French cut bikinis and not see any incisions from their tummy tucks.  While it’s mostly woman who choose to have tummy tucks men are also concerned with their tummy area and also seek abdominal surgery.

A flat and well toned tummy is something most of us try and achieve through diet and exercise.  Sometimes diet and exercise cannot achieve the goal of a flat stomach due to physical changes in the body.  Both men and women can have an otherwise normal body weight and proportion and have an abdomen that protrudes or is loose and saggy.  The most common cause of diet resistant fat and skin on the abdomen is Pregnancy, aging, significant weight gain or loss, heredity and prior surgery.

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, is where excess fat and skin are removed from the body, and in most cases muscles are tightened so that your profile is flatter, smoother and firmer. Dr. Harrell also does a special procedure while tightening the abdominal muscle, where he can make you look like you have a six pack without working out!

A tummy tuck is not a substitute for weight loss or an appropriate exercise program.  While abdominplasty results are permanent the positive outcome can be greatly diminished by significant fluctuations in your weight. Tummy tucks cannot correct stretch marks, but if they are located below the belly button, they can often be removed with the extra skin.

Many women have Abdominoplasty surgery in combination with breast augmentation or breast lift and we call this combination a Mommy Makeover. Many women decide to combine their tummy tucks with breast augmentations or breast lifts as they can get their pre-mommy bodies back.  Mommy makeovers are very popular and Dr. Harrell does a lot of these kinds of surgeries with very happy patient outcomes.

Tummy Tuck Cost

You know how it is, you’ve exercised, you’ve dieted and still that belly pooch won’t go away! Tummy Tuck may be your answer. When considering a Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty, cost is always a factor. Knowing if your a candidate and then knowing what it will cost are the first steps.

Many Plastic Surgeons break down the costs by Facility and Anesthesia Fee and then the Doctors fee on top of those fees. Sometimes when seeing many Doctors it can get confusing as to what the actual cost may be.

Dr. Harrell a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon does a global cost. Meaning that his staff will quote an overall cost that will cover everything. When comparing costs with other Doctors you need to make sure you are getting all the costs included.

In the U.S. typically the Doctors fee, Anesthesia and Facility Fees total for Tummy Tuck can range from $6500.00 to $9500.00.

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost?

A tummy tuck is a procedure that more and more women undergo these days, and a study done by the American Society of Plastic Surgeon reports that about 90% of patients are very happy with the results. One common question we get, is “How much does a Tummy Tuck Cost”? On this page, you can find more details about the cost of a Tummy Tuck Surgery.

As many women experience, hardly any part of their bodies are subject to more changes than the midsection area. This is due to several facts: changes in the tissue and muscles of the abdomen, including pregnancy, weight gain and loss, and others. When dieting and exercising  are not enough to improve the condition of the tummy area, the next step a lot of people take to improve the waistline is tummy tuck surgery.

The Average Doctor’s Fee for a Tummy Tuck is $5,500

According to the American Society of plastic Surgeons, the average tummy tuck cost varies between $ 3,000 and $12,000, averaging $5,500. Do you wonder why the cost is so high, and what is included in these figures? Since the procedure is generally not covered by insurance, it is just natural that you might have some concerns about the cost of a tummy tuck procedure.

The Price is Largely Dependent on the Doctor’s Skill and Technique

Everyone interested in a tummy tuck needs to understand that the price of a tummy tuck depends largely on the techniques applied. These techniques include various extents of removing excess skin and folds, tightening of abdominal muscles and liposuction, which is the removal of excess fat, and other individually necessary procedures to achieve a patient’s goals. All those things to be considered make it hard to precisely pin down the exact cost.

To achieve the safest possible and the best aesthetic results, many elements are involved in a tummy tuck surgery, such as the quality of the surgery facility, the skills of the surgery team, and the comfort of the patient before, during, and after the surgery . The price you pay will reflect those components, so the cost factor should not be the only criteria that affects a patient’s decision. Cutting corners to save money at the expense of risking your results and your health compromising your health is not in your best interest.

Other Fees Include Anesthesia and Facility Fee

The average price given above is the surgeon’ fee, it does not include the fees for the operating room, anesthesia, medical testing, postoperative medications, and other tummy tuck related costs. The surgeon’s fees depend largely on his or her qualifications, experience and expertise in plastic surgery and it is not recommendable to try to save money choosing a less reputable surgeon. A tummy tuck is a serious operation, and a successful outcome should have priority when patients make decisions on their surgeon and the cost. We offer financial plans to make the expense more affordable so do not hesitate to ask for financing options when you come in to see us.

Dr. Harrell’s Recommendation for Patient’s Considering Tummy Tucks

Plastic surgeon Dr. Harrell says, “In all honesty, a proper tummy tuck requires a surgeon and team with outstanding skills. If the price is a big concern, a patient should either reconsider or wait to get a tummy tuck until she or he can afford it. We encourage you to come in for a detailed consultation, both medically and financially.”

Tummy Tuck Before and After

When deciding to have a Tummy Tuck choosing your surgeon can make all the difference in the world. Experience, Experience, Experience is the most important factor.

How long the surgeon has been performing abdominoplasties is important as well as looking at their before and after pictures. When looking at pictures you can see a person that may have your body style and you can see how you might look after the surgery.

Before and after pictures are key as well as how many pictures they have. The more before and afters they have the more patients they have done.

In a Tummy tuck before and after picture you want to see a flattening or tightening of the stomach as well as the redundant skin removed. Dr. Harrell has been doing Tummy Tucks for 25 years, and has done thousands of patients. You can view Dr. Harrell’s Before and After gallery for Tummy Tuck by clicking on the image below:


The Tummy Tuck Consult is Informative

Many people ask if Abdominoplasty surgery is right for them; see Dr. Harrell so he can help determine if it is a good decision.  Be prepared to be totally honest with Dr. Harrell when you come in for the consult.

When you arrive at our office, here at the Fountain of Youth Institute you will be greeted by our staff.  You will be asked to fill out some paperwork that will help us get to know you better.  You will be taken to an exam room.  When Dr. Harrell and his assistant come into your room he will examine your belly and ask you many questions.  Be prepared to tell him why you want the surgery and your expectations on the outcome.  Also make sure you tell him all of your medical conditions, drug allergies and past surgeries and medical treatments.  Let him know your current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drug use. Next, Dr. Harrell will make a recommendation and he will be able to tell you what he can do for you, and how much fat and skin he can take off.

Digital Imaging is Available for Tummy Tuck Surgery

You can also have digital visualization (a.k.a. imaging) here at the office.  That’s where a picture will be taken of you and then your consultant will use a computer program to show you what Dr. Harrell can do for you and how you will look after surgery with a flatter tighter stomach. It is exciting because you can get an idea what you will look like when all the healing after surgery has taken place.  So many patients are happy after getting tummy tuck surgery, because they get results they would not have been able to get on their own.

If you are interested in finding out more about Dr. Harrell, the Fountain of Youth Institute and Abdomioplasty surgery, call us here at 727-781-0818 for an appointment.

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