Notice of Privacy Practices

The Fountain of Youth Institute Privacy Practice is in compliance with the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”), which calls for patient privacy for protected health care information.

Our office acknowledges that to better serve our patients we will need to able to communicate protected health care information in regards to a patient for purposes of diagnosing, or providing treatment, obtaining payment for health care bills from Insurances or Financing companies, and conducting health care operations.

Your protected health information means health information, including your demographic information, collected from you and created or received by your physician, another health care provider, a health plan, a pharmacy, your employer, a financing company, or health care clearing house. This information can be related to your past, present, or future physical or mental health or conditions, and identifies you.

The Fountain of Youth Institute, Cosmetic Medicine Enterprises, Inc, its physicians, employees, contractors, affiliates, and assigns will take reasonable safeguards to minimize the chance of disclosure of your health care information to others. This includes hallway discussions, front desk discussions, phone discussions, Doctor to patient, nurse, or other health care assistant to patient, and Doctor to nurse or health care assistant discussions. This also includes access to computer or financial information as well as patient charts. But realize that while we will take every safeguard, we will not jeopardize or impede communication that is essential in providing you with the highest quality health care, safety, or welfare.