One of women’s most popular body complaints is cellulite. At my plastic surgery practice, I hear this complaint every day, multiple times a day, from a wide variety of my patients. Even a Dr. Oz television show entitled “Your 5 Biggest Body Complaints Solved” conducted a national poll and found that women’s number one biggest body complaint was cellulite.[1] Trust me, if you’re unhappy with your cellulite—you are most definitely not alone. Fortunately, we have treatment options at Fountain of Youth Plastic Surgery that can help reduce the appearance of your cellulite.

Since cellulite is such a major concern for our patients at Dr. Harrell’s Fountain of Youth Plastic Surgery in Tampa Bay, FL, we have given the topic significant coverage on the Fountain of Youth Plastic Surgery Blog.

In our first blog about cellulite, we debunked six popular cellulite myths. In our second blog about cellulite, we provided readers an overview of using Endermologie, a non-surgical cosmetic medicine procedure offered at our out office, for reducing the appearance of cellulite. In this instant blog, we will be educating readers about TriActive, another non-surgical cosmetic medicine procedure we offer for reducing the appearance of cellulite.

TriActive laser treatment is an FDA-approved treatment for use on people with cellulite. The treatment consists of pointing six diode lasers at the affected area in addition to a massaging piece and a cooling system.[2] While the full body can be treated with TriActive, most patients choose to have TriActive treatments on their hips, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, arms, and abdomen. Additionally, TriActive treatment is an excellent complement to patients who have had liposuction and TriActive can improve the cosmetic outcome of the liposuction.

Most patients find TriActive laser treatment painless and describe the procedure as a cool and deep message. Each session takes between 45 minutes to an hour and you will likely need 14 sessions to achieve the best results. Since the TriActive procedure is non-invasive and doesn’t require the use of any anesthetic or numbing agents, you can return to your daily activities immediately after your TriActive treatment session.

In order to maintain the results of your TriActive treatments, you will likely need monthly maintenance treatments and it is also imperative that you live a healthy, active lifestyle. You must eat a healthy diet and partake in regular cardiovascular and strength-training exercise in order to maximize the results of your TriActive treatments and prevent re-deposition of cellulite, thus negating the positive treatment results you received from your previous TriActive treatments.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Harrell can help you determine whether you are a good candidate for Endermologie or TriActive and if so, which cosmetic cellulite procedure is the best choice for you.

If you’re unhappy with your cellulite, maybe it’s time to look into treatment options with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Harrell. Cellulite reduction procedures such as Endermologie and TriActive are easy and painless—and there’s nothing quite as convenient as a beauty procedure that you can get over your lunch break. Also, if you’re interested in a surgical procedure, like rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, or a face lift—just to a name a few, Dr. Harrell has the education and experience you can trust with these more major plastic surgeries.

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