Rejuva-Chair Treatment

Rejuva-Chair Treatment uses the ExMITM Technology, FDA Approved for Urinary Incontinence, to Strengthen the Muscles and Rejuvenate the Pelvic Floor

with No Surgery and No Pain

Magnetic therapy stimulates your muscle strengthening action while you sit comfortable in clothes.

The new ExMI™ chair can rejuvenate your muscles and may be your non-surgical, non-invasive answer to pelvic floor wellness.

The ExMI™ chair applies the ExMI™ technology to persistently strengthen the pelvic floor muscles with no pain, no probes, no surgery and you do not have to disrobe. Rejuvenate with the ExMI™ chair FDA approved for urinary incontinence.


ExMI™ provides a non-surgical, non-invasive therapy for treating vaginal tightness for improved orgasm, erectile dysfunction and other sexual disturbances, hemorrhoids, vaginal tonus and more.  ExMI™ can offer unique therapeutic benefits.  The therapy is well tolerated. Nothing other than the chair ever touches you.  Unlike any other therapies, ExMI™ exercises all the muscles of the pelvic floor to rebuild their strength and endurance, reestablishing bladder control (both for stress incontinence and OAB, pelvic control (vaginal and rectum tonus), nerve control (pelvic pain) and increasing the local blood flow (sexual function).  You will feel a tapping sensation while sitting in the chair.  You’ll even be able to feel your pelvic floor muscles contracting as the ExMi™ chair produces hundreds of kegal exercises in just minutes.

For some patients, this treatment will improve sexual issues.  Others may need to repeat the treatment periodically to maintain muscle control.  

That easy! And that effective!

*The contraindications are: pregnancy, metallic implants (hips) and pace-makers.

ExMI™ penetration of the pelvic floor reaches up to 8 cm.

Rejuvachair ExMI

The pulsing magnetic field creates a brief depolarizing potential, initiating a nerve impulse.

Call Fountain of Youth Institute to find out about ExMI™ benefits.  A treatment session takes around 20 minutes and is typically done every second day in the doctor’s office.  Usually there will already be an improvement after 6-8 sessions.  The maximal outcome will be achieved after 20 sessions.

There are many reasons to try the ExMI™ Therapy:

  • The chance to regain control of your life! You will be able to walk in the park, go shopping, go on an interesting vacation and enjoy beautiful moments with your partner!
  • ExMI™ is a non-invasive, painless and comfortable treatment.  You don’t need to use any probes or do boring exercises that usually  waste your time and energy.
  • ExMI™ trains the pelvic floor muscles with pulsating magnetic fields.
  • There may be an improvement of vaginal tightness after 6- 8 sessions.
  • The maximum outcome will be achieved after only 15-20 sessions.
  • For a many patients ExMI™ may improve their sexual lives for many years to come
  • ExMi™ is the most advanced  non surgical – non invasive therapy for rebuilding strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles.
  • ExMi™ may help you improve your sleep by reducing your bathroom  breaks at night if you suffer from urinary incontinence.

How the ExMI™ chair will help vaginal tightness:

ExMI™ is based on a revolutionary technology called Extracorporeal Magnetic Innervation (ExMI™).  This technology produces highly focused pulsing magnetic field.  You sit fully clothed in a comfortable chair, allowing the therapeutic fields to be easily aimed at the muscle of the pelvic floor.  These muscles contract and relax each magnetic pulse from 1 to 50 times a second.  In this way the muscle can be professionally trained and developed.  You simply sit and relax.

Non-Invasive Therapy; You Sit Fully Clothed and Comfortable in an Armchair.

The “NEW” standard for rebuilding strength and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles.

Therapy may help if you have:

  • Vaginal atrophy (muscle tightening)
  • Urinary Incontinence like OAB
  • Hemorrhoids