Patient with Top Shelf BreastsPatient with Top Shelf Breasts

Actual Patients of Dr. Harrell

Palm Harbor, Florida 1-27-2015 – After thousands of breast surgeries on women from all over the world Dr. C. Randall Harrell has developed a breast augmentation procedure that allows women to have what he calls the “Top Shelf Breast Enhancement” or “Top Shelf Breasts”. 

Dr. Harrell says… “Many women today want the rounded look on top of the breasts, where they protrude above a low cut top and look like smooth sexy rounded mounds.”

Dr. Harrell, who trained with the inventor of the Breast Implant, says “Most women I see when given a choice AND can see themselves with new computer imaging, no longer ask for the natural look. The majority want breast surgery that will allow them to show off their sexy side if that’s what they choose to do and the minority want a natural look.”

The procedure calls for a special technique during the breast implant placement to help produce the look. Dr. Harrell says… “I was trained to try and produce the most natural looking breasts. A natural breast has a slope to it, but most women do not like that look when getting breast augmentation. They want a top shelf. So my techniques have changed to produce what most women want.”

Dr. Harrell does all of his surgeries at the private surgical center at the Fountain of Youth Institute in Palm Harbor Florida. Through photo imaging trained Fountain of Youth Institute staff gives patients a chance to see what they will look like after the surgery.

One recent patient describes Dr. Harrell’s new Top Shelf Breast Enhancement technique like this… “I have my sexy back and that gives me self confidence… and I like the comments about how good I look.” (Marisol R.) .

Contact Raquel Roque at Dr. Harrell’s office at the Fountain of Youth Institute 727-781-0818.

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