If you think bra sizes were solely designed to confuse women, you’re not alone. According to the United Breast Cancer Foundation, approximately 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra.

When it comes to sizing issues, the most common one is wearing a band that’s too large with a cup that’s too small; however, there are at least a dozen potential ways to misjudge your bra size. Even women who get breast implants and should theoretically know the precise volume of their chest can end up wearing the wrong size bra if they fail to get an accurate measurement for the band size.

Wearing an ill-fitting bra might not seem like a big deal, but doing so every single day can actually have serious repercussions over time. In addition to causing chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain, bras that fit poorly can hurt your self-confidence by affecting the appearance of your chest.

If you are unhappy with your chest even when you’re not wearing an ill-fitting bra, undergoing a breast augmentation in Tampa Bay could be the answer. Turn to Dr. C. Randall Harrell, M.D. at Fountain of Youth Plastic Surgery to discuss your cosmetic goals and determine which procedures will help you achieve them.

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Once you recover from your breast augmentation, you will have to buy all new bras to support your top shelf breasts. Read on to learn what kinds of factors you should consider when bra shopping:

Band Thickness

Most women are surprised to learn that bra straps are not actually responsible for doing the heavy lifting. According to Good Housekeeping, the band is the determining factor when it comes to all-around support.

A thicker band will provide more support, so if your new top shelf breasts are especially large, stay away from dainty, lingerie-like bras that have a thin band. For maximum comfort and lift, look for a bra with an adjustable band that fits taut around your ribcage.

Cup Coverage

More voluptuous, top shelf breasts call for fuller coverage. Avoid demi cups after your breast augmentation. Although they might be sexy, they are not going to provide the comfortable coverage you need in order to go about your day.   

Strap Strength

Most bras come with adjustable straps, and you should always adjust the straps to the preferred length when trying on the bra so you can be sure it’s a perfect fit. The straps should not dig into your shoulders, nor should they be so loose that you can pull them more than an inch from your body if you lift them.

If you are unhappy with your current breast size or shape and want to undergo a breast augmentation, turn to Fountain of Youth Plastic Surgery. Whether you want an entire mommy makeover in Tampa Bay or you just want to improve your chest, Dr. Harrell will be happy to help. Call 800-781-0818 to schedule a free consultation.